Friday, 5 September 2014

4 Years with Dan!

Necklace - On holiday in Lindos
Top - Zara
Bag- Topshop

So it was mine and Dan's anniversary a few weeks ago and we went to Longleat to celebrate! I absolutely LOVED it!! It was so much fun. You drive around the park (took us around 2 and a half hours), then you can go to Longleat house, and the 'zoo' part. 

We got to see all of the animals which was so good. The monkey part was so funny. The car in front of us got absolutely terrorised by them, literally pulling the car apart!! I also got to feed dear from the car window, which just seemed a little crazy. When we finished the drive around part, we went on a cruise on the lake, and saw Sea lions, and the gorillas. We also saw a bird show, which was good, although I felt on edge as the bird fly so close to your heads! 

If you have a free day I would really recommend going as it was such fun. Also we got the tickets from tesco vouchers which made the day cheaper, as the normal tickets are like 30 pound. 

My outfit I wore was really casual. I absolutely love Zara, and this simple T-shirt was from there, and you know when you can feel the T-shirt is quality material? It just feels nice! My normal ASOS jeans, and just casual high-top converse! 

Lots of Love 

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