Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Day of relaxation

For either Christmas or my birthday last year (can't remember!), Dan bought us a relaxation spa package at the spa that is local to us Nirvana Spa. I cannot express how relaxed I felt, it was absolutely amazing. We decided to do it now just before we head back to Uni, it's my last year, which I know is going to be the most stressful (Don't quite know how I can get more stressed!!??).

The facilities were amazing. They had a pool with loads of jets in (you can use to massage specific areas), steam room, sauna, large inside pool, large outside pool, outside jacuzzis, and treatment rooms which you can decide to get a treatment for an extra cost. 

We were first greeted by the concierge who discussed where everything was, specific things for that day (makeup and cleansing focus group tutorials), our treatment (both booked for a back massage), and going over details about lunch, spa etiquette etc. 

We decided to go for a treatment as it was for my birthday. We went for a back massage. It lasted around 25 minutes, and was absolutely divine. We went in the steam room/sauna a couple of times, lazed around by the pools, and basically just chilled out. The weather was nice so we got to spend a lot of time outside. Part of our package included lunch, they called it a 'salad bar', but it was't just that, as it included hot food too. We could go up as many times we liked in that one sitting, and also all of our soft drinks were included too.

The whole package cost £95, and is linked here. Yes, I know £190 for each of us could seem ridiculous, but it was a lovely treat for a birthday. The treatment on top was £29 each. I'm currently thinking of buying a spa package for my mum for Christmas as I loved it so much! 

Have you ever been on a spa day, any treatments you recommend?


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