Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Crop Top - New Look (bought from ASOS)
Trousers - ASOS
Heels - Primark (old)
Clutch - ASOS
So I have never been to a 'dinner party' before so what do you wear? After chatting to my girls a lot of them were going to wear the midi style dress, which I absolutely love, but it just doesn't fit well on me, so I went for these high wasted trousers, and this really lovely crop top. I am so glad these pieces fitted as it was a last minute ASOS shop a couple of days before! The shoes are old, but I knew I would never wear them on a night out, so a night sitting down would be a perfect time to wear them!! haha. 

Eyeshadow - MAC Antiqued, MAC Handwritten
Lips - MAC Rubywoo
I can't remember the hair tongs name, but a big barrelled curling tong will do the trick!
I am so lucky to have my sisters to do my hair and my makeup for me! The hair style I wanted to go for was 50's style waves.. they didn't turn out completely as hoped, but the side parting, and waves towards my face did the trick! I know this picture of my makeup is terrible, but I thought I would add one in anyway. The eyeshadow was gorgeous and completely different colour to what I'm used to wearing for a nightout. The Antiqued colour is a copper bronze kind of colour, this was used with Handwritten (also from MAC), which was used in the outer corners, and is a matte brown. 

The night was amazing! It was to celebrate one of my best friends 21st (Otis, 3rd picture down). It was really nice to do something other than a night out with all of my closest friends.  His mum did all the cooking, (A THREE COURSE DINNER!!) which was extremely tasty! Everyone made such an effort; the girls looked gorgeous and the boys looked extremely dapper, and was just an absolutely delightful evening!

I really need to start planning my 21st, I just have no ideas, and not sure I can top this one!

Love Alice 

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Top - H&M
Skirt - River Island
Heels - Faith At Debenhams

Last weekend myself and my Uni girls went back to my best friend's- Melissa's- home town (Seer Green), to celebrate her birthday. The weekend was AMAZING. Her parents hired out a hot tub, we had a takeaway, we went to the crazy bear (posh restaurant) and had a glorious cocktail, and then went out; we really packed it in! The hot-tub was so good, I'm now thinking I want to hire one for my birthday! 

I didn't really know what to wear on the night out, so I went shopping and found this gem of a skirt in River Island. It was only £25 which I thought was pretty good, so thought I had to buy it. The top is part of my co-ord set, but it went really nicely with the skirt! Finally my heels, which actually didn't kill my feet, which was a rather nice surprise considering I do not ever wear heels! 

Any ideas how I can celebrate my 21st that's coming up soon? 

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Gilet - F&F at Tesco

Last weekend I went out to celebrate Dan's sister's 18th birthday! We went out of a gorgeous meal at Mamma Mia restaurant in Hartney Whitney, the meal was so good! Anyway this is what I wore… 

I haven't got a gilet, so I stole this off of my sister (who actually forgot she had it!!), but what a great piece to layer with! I'm currently searching the internet to try find one similar to this one! These jeans are the leather wash ones from Topshop, they made the look a bit more nicer than just wearing standard jeans, and finally my trusty boots! 

One of my sisters did my hair, and one did my makeup. My hair is two french plaits at the front of the hair and then I just pinned them back. My makeup is a lovely smokey eye, I'm not too sure on the products, but I know one shadow was called copper plate. 
What's your current must-have?

Friday, 7 November 2014


Everyone is obsessed with Kylie Jenner ATM, and I am most definitely one of the obsessed!  There have been lots of tutorials about using different lip colours to get you the Kylie Jenner inspired lip, but I have taken note from pixiwoo (ultimate makeup artists) and bought these two products; I got these recommendations from the tutorial linked here

The lip pencil is a dark nude, and the lipstick a lighter nude. I apply the lip pencil all over my lip, then the lipstick on top, but leaving a clearer outline of the lip pencil on show. I think the combination of the lip pencil underneath the lipstick makes it stay on sooooo well! The other night I went out for dinner, then drinks and it stayed on close to perfect!! 

The picture doesn't really do the lip justice. You know when you take loads of selfies trying to show your lipstick, and none work? Well this was the best out of the bunch, the serious ones were just NOT happening! But I am non-stop wearing this lip currently so better pictures in upcoming posts will show it better!! 

I'd love to here any recommendations on getting the Kylie Jenner lip?!
Alice x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Boots - Debenhams (see previous post)

This is just a really simple outfit I wore recently when I went to a Christmas Market (too early…never!). Topshop are really good for simple T-shirts, but also any band or TV programme tops HMV are pretty good, as I have only recently found out. These kind of Tee's are good just to fling on with jeans and boots, to wear a really simple outfit. 


Sunday, 2 November 2014


Boots - Nine West @ Kurt Geiger @ Debenhams

OK people, these pictures do not do these boots justice!! They are BEAUTIFUL. Working on the accessories department within Debenhams means I am constantly lusting over new footwear, bags, and basically any accessory there is, and when I saw these come in on one of our concessions I just HAD to buy them. At full price they are £115, which I know is really expensive, but when I bought them, and they currently still are, they have 20% off! 

Firstly I bought two different sizes in two different colours, they have a black also, but because I have a black boot I went for this taupe colour. I went for the bigger size out of the 5 or 6 I bought as I thought I would definitely wear socks with them, especially as we are going into winter. 

These boots I normally wear with jeans rolled up so that you can see wear the boots cut down towards the foot a little. I am sure these would also go well with skirts and dresses. 

So what do you think?!? Hope you like them as much as I do, as they are the most expensive thing I've got in my wardrobe currently!!