Friday, 31 May 2013

My shoe collection ♥

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to show you my ever-increasing shoe collection. Recently I have gone through my wardrobe, thrown away/sold things I don't wear. I still seem to have a ridiculous amount of shoes, yet still keep buying them! my new purchases I will highlight as being new, as these will definitely still be in the shops! 

So that's it! My main 21 pairs of shoes! I love them all, and even though some I haven't worn in a while after I've re-found them I will be wearing them!! 

How big is your shoe collection? Are you obsessed with shoes like me?

Hope you enjoy the post, and the in-sight into my shoe collection! 
Thanks for reading

Love Alice 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My summer lip


So if you read my previous post you would have seen I was wearing a coral kinda coloured lipstick! Well since buying it I have worn it on many occasions, and I can just tell it's the lipstick I will be wearing most this summer. As you are probably aware I do wear a lot of black and white, so I think having a bright lipstick just adds a teeny bit of colour!

So as you can see by the packaging it is the Kate Moss range by Rimmel. The colour is 110. I really love it, as I've said, and even if it fades on the lip it is still a nice colour.

What's your favourite lipstick ATM?

Thanks for reading,

Alice xxxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A weekend of sun, fun, and pretty views

Hi everyone, as you are all probably aware I go to University in Portsmouth. My boyfriend and me see each other every other week, and it last weekend he came down to see me. It was nice weather, which meant we could actually do things!

On the Friday we went to have a picnic in a National Park. I really love picnic's! I think they're so cute!
I went to get the food from m&s, and the picnic blanket from primark. I think I got the most bright one there, but I think it's very summery and hopefully I'll get some use out of it this summer (if the weather gets warmer)!

The second day we went up the spinnaker tower, which is in Gunwarf, where there is a shopping outlet place. I really enjoyed going up it, but did think it was quite pricey. For me it was cheaper as I was a student plus resident, but Dan had to pay non-student and non-resident. I think for something to do it was really good as there is a glass floor which you can walk across and you can see for miles. I'm glad I went up it as i've been living in Portsmouth but never got the chance.

Here is my outfit of the day, when I went up the spinnaker tower, then we went to TGI Friday's in the evening which was really nice.

Glasses - H&M (stole from Dan)
Top - Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Flatforms - River Island
Bag - Topshop

On my lips I am wearing a new lipstick from Rimmel which I absolutely adore. It is definitely going to be my summer go-to lipstick. Look out for a blogpost on that! 

As always thanks for reading,

Lots of love 
Alice xxx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Instagram Posts - Recent 12

So here's just a few of my latest instagram pictures! I literally love the app, and here is my most recent 12! My name is @missalicelayzell :) 

From the top:
1) Night Out - Carnage    2) Night Out   3)Twilight Dolls I found (WTF)   4) Me and Mummy
5)Me and Daddy   6) Previous OOTD    7)Me and my sisters working at a charity clothes sale
8) GBK burgers (SO GOOD)    9)Starbucks Chocolate Creme   10) Night Out in Watford
11) New Stussy Top   12) Night Out at home

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dad's Birthday Outfit

Hey everyone! 

I can not believe I have neglected my blog for so long! :( Getting ready for exams, and was at home for easter has made me get so busy that I literally have had no time! But I will be fine to carry on from now on! I WILL make time!!

I just thought I would do a quick OOTD post. It was my dad's birthday whilst I was at home so we went out for dinner and this is what i wore. 

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Joni
Camino - Topshop
Flatforms - River Island

I only just realised most of the outfit was from Topshop, but never mind! I recently bought the Joni jeans after buying Leigh ones for so long! So the Joni ones are high waisted and super super comfortable. I do warn you though as from trying them on i know that there are two types, the ones with the white lining are not as stretchy as the ones with black lining! They are all placed on the same arm in the shop but when you try them on they are really different sizes. 
I also just bought these flatforms (I have gone shoe crazy recently!!). I absolutely LOVE them. They can make an outfit just look that little bit nicer without wearing heels, but to wear them in the day would be really easy too. 

I know this was a really simple post! But hopefully my next one will be a little ore interesting!
Thanks for reading.

Love Alice