Sunday, 18 December 2011

Glitter Lips

When I was at the Clothes Show so many people were walking around with glittery lips. At first we thought it was lipstick so went to all the makeup stands, but they didn't have a clue! Anyway so we finally found the stand.

The next day I was going to a party so thought I would try them out there.

Firstly I wore heeled chelsea boots from Topshop, leather shorts from River Island, white scallop edge top from Topshop, and the camino from Topshop also. I went for the red glittery lips.

I know this photo above is not the most attractive, I just thought it would be good to see the lips up close. So basically it is literally like one of this children's tattoo/transfer things. You put it on to your lips then wet the paper, and peel it back. It made my lips sooooo dry, so I put vaseline on them, which I probably shouldn't have done as it felt like it was coming off. Next time I will definitely try and leave it without anything on. Overall I think they looked so nice, and pretty cool. i felt myself going up to people just to say 'Do you like my lips?!'. I would definitely try them, as not many people have seen anything like it.

We also got other styles when we were there. The man was so nice he got us free ones as I couldn't get mine put on that day. So here's the others;

There's, spots, leopard prints and other glitter ones. I can't wait to try the leopard ones as I think (if they go on right and everything) they would look really cool.

Lots of love

Alice xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Clothes show

This has taken me so long to do! I went to the clothes show the day after Rihanna, it was in Birmingham so quite far away! I went with all my sisters. At the beginning of the show there were some beauty awards which took FOREVER to do, but after them the show started..

This is a picture of me on the way there, showing off my nails. They are JML Klass nails. I love them, mainly because I love leopard print a little too much.

This is a picture of me and one of my sisters waiting for the show to start. The theme of the show was 'A night at the department store'.

The actual show was SO good. The fashion was amazing, I would love to go again!! Here's just a few random pics of the catwalk.

Ok so that's only a few pictures out of sooo many! I literally loved the day, and it was lovely spending time with all my sister's. When we were there Lauren Goodger was there but we didn't queue up for a picture so I have some fuzzy shots from afar of her!

Hope you enjoy the post.

Love Alice xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Last week I went to see Rihanna! Wow She was amazing!!! She was quite late coming on, but amazing when she got there. I went with two of my sisters and two friends. Before we went to the O2 we went to Topshop (obviously!) and I bought some leather leggings and a dress, in which both you'll see in blog posts coming up! When we got there we had dinner at Las iguanas which was nice, but we waited for ages to sit down then literally our food came in 5 minutes! When we went into the arena my camera got taken off of me :( I was sooooo annoyed and upset! I didn't realise we weren't aloud to take big cameras into the arena. So this means I don't have any personal pictures of her performance but my friends do, so might put them up at a later date.

Anyway! I was just going to post my outfit (as usual) and then my merchandise that I bought!

So I wore the shirt which I had worn in one of my other posts, it's from new look. The red jeans are from Topshop, and the boots are heeled chelsea boots from Topshop too. I also wore my fur coat from Debenhams which I love as it keeps me very warm! I will just put a close up of the boots below as I love them a lot much so that I'm buying them off of my sister!

Finally the merchandise.. The programme was £20 and the top was £25. I was so broke that my boyfriend is now buying me the both for christmas or my birthday!

So that's the end of my post about the concert, but I have another to do as I went to the clothes show the day after! That post should definitely be up soon.

Lots of love

Alice xx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Party two of a few..

Hey dolls, so this was my second party of November and hope you like my look..

I had VERY simple makeup as I am so bad at doing it. I mainly focus on the lipstick as it is my favourite part, and I am wearing the kate moss lipstick from Rimmel. My usual face makeup is; MAC back and body, Benefit blusher, MAC powder and L'oreal volume million lashes.

I once again wore my favourite heels from Miss Selfridge. My skirt is something that I literally bought 6 months ago for a pound in Primark. You can't really tell but it is velvet style material. My shirt is from new look, which for once I wore up to the top button (never thought I would). My bandeau bra underneath is from Primark also. 

For my hair I had like a doughnut thing in, which my hair goes over. My hair is super thick so it is pretty easy to cover it. 

Hope you like, my next parties soon so another post to follow.

Love Alice xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Party one of many..

Once again I took so long doing another post, but here is what I wore to a party last week...

I wore a Miss Selfridge jumpsuit, and actually Miss Selfridge (again!) shoes, which I love!

I wore my normal kind of make up, but then tried benefits new mascara, which I thought was actually amazing! On my lips I had mac brave, with benefit lip tint over the top. I filled in my eyebrows just to make them a little bit more strong. I never wear my hair down, so for once I decided I would :)

Hope you like my look. I have a party every week in November so will hopefully put up all of my outfits.

Love Alice xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Outfit Of My Week

Last Friday I went out for a curry with all the girls. It was for one of my good friend's 18th, I am actually quite jealous! but just thought I would share what I wore :), mainly because I haven't even done a proper blog post yet. I always seem to have an idea for a post, but I never have time to do one :( Anyhow, this is what I wore..

So just to say what I wore, to be totally honest most is quite old, and most my sisters but who cares!
Right, so I wore a normal black tank top, mines from warehouse, the blouse is from topshop, I'm wearing normal leggings, and my cute little boots are from new look.My sister did my hair in a fish tail plait, which I love and want to be able to do myself. My lipstick was a mixture, it was top shop - ohh la la, but then over the top I put 17-mirror shine bee hive, as it gave it a bit of a gloss.

Hope you enjoyed my short but sweet second blog post :)
Lots of love
Alice x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome to my wonderland! I am extremely new to the whole blogging world, but after my sisters' joined I was even more intrigued. I will blog about anything to everything! I'm a typical teenager love everything fashion related..which isn't too great for the bank balance, so most of the time I have to borrow! I'm kind of geeky in some ways, but I'm sure I'll post some geeky blogs to show you. So anyway can't wait to start blogging! (hope this was ok for my first one!)
Lots of love
Alice x