Monday, 12 November 2012

BLOG CATCH UP: Holiday outfits

This is my final blog catch up piece, and after this I am going to tell you about my time starting University and stuff! So I went on holiday in September and these are a few outfits, and if you're lucky enough to be going anywhere hot (unlikely, as it's November) then here is a few ideas.

 So this outfit has the skirt from Topshop (in my previous blog post), I got this crop top from Topshop also, I think with high waisted skirts or shorts and just showing a tiny bit of skin looks nice. My bag although you can't see it is the Marc B quilted one from Topshop, and finally my sandals are from H&M.

 My hair I have curled and used my Babyliss curling wand. My crop top is again from Topshop, the shorts are also Topshop. The sandals I'm wearing are from Zara.

Finally this is possibly one of my cheapest outfits! The playsuit is from Debenhams and it had 70% off so was only £8 or something, My sandals are from Primark, and my bag is one I've had for years from H&M!

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love

Alice xx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

BLOG CATCH UP: Date with my boy ♥

This was just when me and my boyfriend went out for dinner. I really like my outfit as it was simple, yet it was dressed up a little bit.

If I start from the top. My usual sunglasses from ASOS. I actually put on some jewellery; this rose gold necklace is from H&M. The scalloped edge top is Topshop, and so are the skirt and sandals. Finally this bag is Marc B in Topshop too.

Hope you like my outfit, not really helpful now as the weather isn't fab, but never mind! Only a few more catch up's then onto some recent blogs :)

Thanks for reading,

Love Alice


Friday, 19 October 2012


OK, so I haven't blogged in forever, but I really miss it! I've been so caught up with going to University and stuff that I literally haven't had time. I though for a few posts I would just catch up on stuff I haven't blogged about over the summer and stuff, but I will be starting to do this properly for sure!

So this is just a post about V Festival, which I went to for one day this year, it was amazing. I went with my boyfriend as he treated me to the tickets! I will just show you my outfit, and a few pics of people we saw.

I wore my Topshop shorts, with a Topshop top. I put a belt with it as I wanted to break it up a little bit. My sandals are from Primark, I seriously can't believe I got to wore sandals to a festival! My bag is quite old from H&M, and finally my sunglasses are from ASOS.

Below are just a couple of pictures of who we saw, as my camera isn't too good most of them were blurry!

Thank you for reading, and you will definitely see more posts soon!

Lots of love

Alice xx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

London 2012 - A day at the Olympics

Finally! I have had some time to start posting again! I know I haven't for ages but I have lots of stuff to blog about so there will at least be a couple coming up!

So my boyfriend was lucky enough to get tickets for the athletics t the Olympics. I was so excited to go!! I really got into all the sports, even some that I didn't think I would get into!

It was really hot over the Olympics so I wore shorts, but I got an olympics top to wear!

My sandals are from Topshop, but I would say at least 2 years old. My shorts are also from Topshop. My top is from Debenhams, but I think it might be sold elsewhere as it was part of the official merchandise, but I'm not 100% sure about that. My necklace is from Topshop too!

So here's just some random pictures that I took on the day. If you have a chance to go to the olympic park to go around or to see the Paralympic games then I would definitely recommend it!

Thanks for reading, 
Lots of love,

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ascot, a day at the races

So on the Saturday of Royal Ascot I got to go! I was literally so excited, even though I did get up feeling rough from prom! But overall it turned out to be such a good day! I had a maxi dress that I was going to wear but at the last minute I changed my mind. So this was my outfit...

Me & Alex

So this is what I decided to wear! My dress is from Topshop, the shoes are from New Look (but I had to change as they were killing!), the belt I'm not too sure as it is old, and finally the hat is from Warehouse. I didn't really know what sort of hat or fascinator to wear, but I'm glad I went for this simple one as I think it was only around £16, and it's something I can wear again.

My makeup is MAC face and body, benefit blusher, a mixture of the Urban Decay Naked pallet, and finally on my lips is a mixture of MAC Costa Chic, and L'oreal 301 Dating Coral.

Keep looking for my Harry Potter post!

Lots of love
Alice xx

Monday, 25 June 2012

Prom ♥

So last Friday was my prom! I had a few dresses which I couldn't decide on, but in the end I decided this one.

The dress is from Miss Selfridge, I really like the length of it as it's a little bit shorter than most (probably as I'm tall) but it showed the shoes really well. The belt is from Primark, the bag is from 2 years ago from Topshop, and shoes are from Next but are quite old also. 

For my hair I used the Enrapture Totem Styler to curl my hair to begin with. I then twisted it around to the side where there was no sleeve on the dress, and just clipped it with grips. 

I was lucky enough to get my sister to do my makeup. For the foundation I used Estee lauder double wear. I really liked trying something different with my base makeup as I normally go for the MAC face + body. For my bronzer I used NARS laguna, and blusher MAC fleur power, and Dior amber diamond highlight. My eyeshadow was a mixture of Urban Decay Naked pallet. My lipstick was Girl About Town by MAC. 

It was such a good night to finish the end of the year! 
This weekend was my Prom, Ascot and Harry Potter studio Tour so keep looking for my posts on that!

Thanks for reading.

Love Alice xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blog catch up!

So I haven't done a post in ages so this is a collective blog of all my outfits for recent/old parties that I haven't yet showed you.

This first party was a house party, I never really know how to dress, casual or dressed up!?! I just don't know..... Anyway, I went for my skater skirt shown in my previous blog from Topshop, and the skull tank top which is also from Topshop. For my hair I used the Enrapture totem styler.

For the next party I wore a plain black dress from boohoo with a leopard print belt from Primark, which was only £1! The boots are from h&m. The lipstick I wore for this and the previous party is YSL- Rouge Volupte.

Me and my best friend xxxx
Lastly this outfit was on a night out! The leopard print playsuit is from Motel, although I got it from ASOS on sale for only £18! What a bargain :-) The heels are from Topshop.  I actually went for pink lips which is a change considering I normally go for red, the colour is MAC- Pink Nouveau. I wore my hair up in a doughnut, to give my bun a fuller look.

I've got some really exciting things coming up which I'm definitely going to blog about so keep a look out for that, but thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Alice xx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hell Yeah F***ing Right - Drake concert

I was extremely lucky to be able to go and see Drake with one of my sisters. One of my other sisters was going with her boyfriend but gave me and my other sister a ticket. It was literally amazing!! I can't actually describe how good it was, I love Drake, probably a little too much.

This is what I wore; my shirt is a bargain from Primark! It was only £10, but I really needed some retail therapy so I went to Primark and this was my best buy - I love the embellished collar. also my sunglasses are from Primark and were only £2! My jeans are the usual leigh jeans from Topshop, and my sandals are from Topshop.

Labrinth was supporting Drake and although I heard the day before people didn't think he was good I think he was really good! These are just some pictures of the concert:





Thanks for reading, lots of love

Alice xx

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Can we fix it, yes we can!

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my best friend's birthday parties. The theme was 'What did you want to be when you were growing up?'. I have always wanted to be a teacher but how can you really dress up as a teacher? So my other friend wanted to be a builder (don't ask why!), so I dressed up with her as a builder. I think we looked really cool, as we didn't go for the predictable slutty (in other words gross) outfit.

I just thought I'd put in this picture to show my hair and makeup, even though I did change my makeup and made it a little more interesting after this! I really liked the lashes I wore, they were eyelure lashes. The curler I used to curl my hair was Enrapture totem styler. It's my sisters and they say it's quite expensive but if you try and currys or places they got it for £50. 

My outfit overall cost me about £15. My hat, tool belt, and reflective was all from ebay. I wore high-top converse which were my sisters. I'm definitely going to get some though! My shorts are my hot pants from Topshop, they're nice as they fade from pink to blue. The white vest top I have on is an old one from Topshop.

I seriously will start doing posts more often!!
Lots of Love

Alice xx

Monday, 26 March 2012

Happy Birthday to the boy ♥

OK, so after a month I still haven't taken pictures of my items I bought in London.. but I wanted to do a post, so this is something I wore when I went out for my boyfriend's birthday. I hate it when you go out for a meal but never know to dress up or to go more casual, this was exactly how I felt. I decided to wear this shirt, but with wet look leggings, and my (my sisters) Allegra boots.

I wore my New Look shirt, my wet look leggings from Topshop, my boots from Topshop, and my new necklace which is something I bought in London. I had my hair in a plait previous to this so that's why my hair has got a bit of a wave to it. 

Anyway I know this is a really short post, but I will definitely get back into blogging as I do love it. 

Lots of love

Alice xxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

We will, we will rock you

For Valentines day my boyfriend bought us tickets to go see We Will Rock You in London. When we were up there we went to Harrods as he has never been before!! We also went to Topshop where I bought so much stuff so I'm going to probably do a post about my purchases too. I just thought I'd post some of the pictures from our day.

 So this is what I wore to London. The shirt and jeans are from Topshop. The boots are very old so I can't remember where they're from! The parker coat is from ASOS, and the bag was a Christmas present so I don't know where its from!

Me and the boy <3 

AMAZING cupcakes..

.. so we purchased a few

Outside the theatre 

I had such a good time, it was so nice going for a day out somewhere and to be treated by my boy.
I'm definitely going to try and put up a post about my buys in Topshop as there were quite a few!

Lots of love

Alice xx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lady in red

So on Saturday I went to a party, and as i haven't done a post in ages I thought i'd take a few pictures to show what I wore.

I decided to wear this amazing red dress of my sisters, its so bright which I love. I styled it with a studded belt, and some black chunky wedges.

The dress is from Zara, and the belt from Topshop. I really like how the studded belt makes the dress a little more 'rocky' (if you get what I mean!). I did have to wear a skirt underneath as it was quite short!  

I wore my hair in a fishtail plait. I'm so lucky to have older sisters as one of them did my hair! These wedges are from H&M, which are £25!

My makeup I wore Jemma Kidd Light as air for my foundation, I think it gives really good coverage and is a change from MAC face and body. The normal blusher from benefit, and carbon gloss liner L'oreal. I wore the Nicola from girls aloud lashes, and MAC eyeshadows in Electra and Contrast. 

Hope you like the outfit. I will hopefully do another blog post soon as its half term and I actually have time!

Love Alice xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sequin Sparkles

I haven't done a post in over a month, but still haven't put up my clothes from new year so I thought I would do that.

Christmas was really good, seemed to work for most of it! I got a really nice new bag from my parents. My boyfriend got me a hot air balloon ride, which I am so excited to go on! New year was .. interesting. It was a house party at a good friend of mines, so at least we had somewhere to go! But as always a new year bought new drama!

Back to the clothes. When I went to Topshop before Rihanna I bought this white sequin dress. It is from one of the concessions, and now I'm not 100% sure which one, but a concession either way. I really like it, it seems quite christmassy, and nice with all the white sequins. I actually wore it to my Christmas party, and also New Year! I thought I would get wear out of it as it was £55. I hope everyone had a really good Christmas and New Year, but now the hard work starts with exams :( Anyway I'll just put a few pictures of it and I hope you like it!

This one is from the Christmas party, wear I wore my hair in a bun.

These are both with my best friend Georgina. For New Years I wore a fish tail plait, not that I can do it myself, but my sister can!

Hope to do a post soon.
Lots of love

Alice xx