Sunday, 14 September 2014

Out with the old, in with the new

So the other day myself and Dan decided to do a car boot. I had so many clothes to get rid of, I mean about 5 boxes full. Dan had a load of random stuff too, so our stall wasn't just clothes. I think doing a car boot is a really good way of getting rid of things, and earning a bit of money which you didn't have before. 

I made about £40, which isn't too bad, although in previous car boots I have made double that. Dan made around £55, so all in all it was a good day. 

A few tips I would say about car-booting:
1) Don't be too high with your pricing - People aren't there who would pay £5 for tops, even though some are relatively new and unworn. I would say 50p for plain or old tops and cami's, £1 for a bit nicer, and up to £3 on any of the clothing (dresses, shoes etc). The most expensive piece I sold was a forever Unique dress for £3. Unfortunately you are going to sell items for ridiculously cheap, but then again you have to think it's just extra money that you didn't have previously. 
2) Don't be too cheap with your pricing - On the other hand don't be too cheap, if someone wants to buy it they will. I was selling a digital camera for £8 (HOW CHEAP), and someone offered £4, I mean that's just ridiculous. Don't feel you have to sell as cheap as you can because some items are definitely worth more. 
3) Hang up your clothing - This is something that I realised even more this time around; people prefer to go through the clothes if they are hung. I wish I had taken two rails so I could've hung more, but I now know for next time.
4) Have a mixture of things - It was really good to go with Dan, who was selling totally opposite stuff. This makes people come to the stall who sometimes wouldn't, and then might pick up something. It's also good for husbands or dads to come over and take a look at Dan's stuff whilst the Wife or children to take a look at my clothing side.
5) The big earners - Nothing really at a car boot is a 'big earner' but when you first drive in to set up you are bombarded with people who are looking for jewellery/perfumes/electricals/watches. So if you have any of these lying about I would take them along. (Really random, but last time I took my Bear Factory Bears and people went crazy for them haha)

I am just going to leave you with this glorious picture of me looking mighty fine and 6am! 


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