Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Packing tips!

Whilst you are reading this I will be in sunny Rhodes having a relaxing holiday, but whilst I wrote this a week ago I was pulling my hair out trying to make, and making sure I didn't forget anything! I decided I would do a little post on some packing tips, that I have attempted to do to help me pack, (not so good on a few of them). 

1) Make a list
I have only started doing this on my last couple of holidays and I think it really helps. I am quite a list sort-of person so it kind of goes with what I'm like. Anyway write down everything you are going to take, add to it when you remember, and cross off once it's gone into the suitcase. 
2) Plan outfits beforehand
In all honesty I have only done this for this holiday. Normally I have my clothes I take and all of my three sisters suitcases to choose from, so never really thought of doing this, but this time I made sure I had some sort of outfits in my head. I'm going for two weeks to a villa, so I made sure I had at least 7/8 planned eating out outfits, that way there is no stressing (or reduced amount of stressing) when I'm there. 
3) Change money beforehand
Simple/boring one, but I started to change my money from last pay check, as well as this one, so I'm not totally poor when I come home. Also, the exchange rate is so much better than if you were to do it in the airport. 
4) Take half empty toiletries/ poor them into smaller bottles
I NEVER do this. I'm one of those people who does a massive shop in boots a day or two in advance of going on holiday, but think how much space I would save if I took half empty bottles so I could leave the rest on holiday at the end. That way there is more space for purchases I've made on holiday, and less of a worry that I will be over the weight limit! Also there are small toiletry bottles that you can buy in boots/anywhere, that you can decant just how much you need. 
5) Take portable weighing scales
You can buy such small scales that weigh your case when you're away. If you anything like me and my family then we seem to bring back mountains worth of stuff once we are away. This way you kind of know whether your gonna get a shock and have to pay extra for your baggage. 

Sorry for such a wordy post, but thought it might be helpful for yourselves, but also for me whilst I'm in the process of packing! 


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