Thursday, 14 August 2014

Relaxing in Rhodes - My holiday reads

When I'm on holiday the thing I most enjoy is to do nothing apart from laying on a sun bed and reading my kindle. Whilst I was on this holiday I read 7 books, and 1 'short story' so I think I did pretty well! 

All of the books I read are romantic, lovey dovey, and most of them amazing! I thought I would just list the books I read, and what I liked/disliked about them, in case any of you are going on holiday and stuck with what to read!

1) The Edge of never | J.A. Redmerski
This made me laugh and even shed a tear! I had to do the awkward putting my shades on when I felt myself tearing up! It is such a good book and would highly recommend it. The character gets on a bus across USA, and basically meets a guy on it, and then things start to happen from there. BUT there is such a sad bit towards the end that if you don't tear up then there i something wrong with you! You just have to go and read it! 

2) Johnny's Girl | Paige Toon 
Paige Toon is possibly my favourite author. My favourite book ever is Johnny Be good, and this is a short story that comes after Johnny Be Good and Baby Be Mine. All of her books are linked in some kind of way, like the character might have been mentioned in a previous book, but really you can read them in any order (except Johnny Be Good, then Baby Be Mine, then this one). I love going back to read them as they are all just so good. This book in particular is a short story about when Johnny finds out he has a daughter. Another one I would recommend, but you have to have read the two previous books. (Just go and read them all)

3) The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson | Paige Toon
This carries on from the previous book, but it is from the perspective of the daughter. I think this is part of Paige Toon's new 'teenage' books, but trust me I do not care I was going to read this even if I was 30! Once again loved it, but now can't wait for the next one! 

4) Thirteen Weddings | Paige Toon 
This is my final Paige Toon read of the holiday I promise! This is her new book for this summer. It is about Bronte who has come over from Australia for a hen do, meets a guy called Alex on a night out, sleeps with him, (sounds sleezey but totally isn't), but then has to go back home to Australia. 18 months down the line she finds herself moved to England for her job, and then her and Alex cross paths again. She becomes a part time wedding photographer and does thirteen weddings, with the last being rather difficult for her. I'm not going to give too much away, but once again is a must-read in my opinion. 

5) The Unpredictable Consequences of Love | Jill Mansell 
Anybody who is into romantic books must have read the Jill Mansell books. One of the best that's for sure, and this one is also within that category. This book is not just concentrated on one love story but a couple, with one that is probably the 'main' one. Having different love stories is just so beautiful, there is an old couple as well as two young couple's, but there is also a part of love in general between family. The whole story is just so wonderful, and I found myself reading as quickly as possible just to try get through it. 

6) Any Way You Want Me | Lucy Diamond
Out of all of my books this is my least favourite. Nothing to do with how it was written or anything technical like that I just didn't like the story that much. It's about how a woman has an affair. OK that's putting it bluntly, but I felt like it made out how having an affair is normal and OK. I found myself getting so frustrated with the character, it was getting annoying! But I guess that did make me read on, and I did finish the book so it can't have been that bad I suppose!

7) Wait for You | J. Lynn
What a beautiful book. In this book also you get to seriously love the characters. Avery is the main character who has moved across America to attend College away from her family. You never really know what she has run away from till you get into the book, which makes you read further and further. Avery has a guard up, doesn't go to parties, never dated etc etc. You find out what happened to her and it just makes you feel so sorry for her. Cam and Avery meet on the first page of the book, and then their friendship unfolds throughout the book, really beautiful.

8) It Felt Like a Kiss | Sarra Manning 
What another GLORIOUS love story! haha. Ellie has had trouble finding any 'good guys', and it gets really bad when one blabs to the papers about who her father is (rich, musician, famous guy). Her life then gets turned upside down, she gets in contact with her fathers lawyer (David) who turns out to be someone she met at a music festival previously. You go through love and hate with David (serious emotions through reading a book lol). But just read it so you find out what happens!! 

I feel so stupid when I get so into books. My boyfriend tends to roll his eyes when he sees me laughing (or crying) whilst reading, but its because they were just so amazing!! 

Hope you enjoyed this random post!

P.S If you do like to read I would HIGHLY recommend getting a kindle! No more lugging 5 books on holiday, and the pages dropping out because the glue has melted in the sun! Trust me once you get one you'll wonder why you hadn't. 

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