Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Pumps - Primark

So these trousers you may have recognised from my previous posts to wear for a dinner party, but they were so comfortable I decided to wear them in the day! I can't express how comfy these are, and they were only £18, which is an absolute bargain! From both this post, and the previous one it shows you can wear them both in the day and night! This kimono is a gorgeous monochrome pattern (the link shows the pattern better), and thought I would wear the bright pink pumps to brighten up the outfit!

I have decided that during December I am going to try and blog every other day! I just got back from Dublin, so you will see the first post of that in two days time, and during the month of December I am doing quite  a lot of interesting things including visiting Dublin, Berlin, IM 21!!!!, obviously Christmas (I am the biggest fan of Christmas ever!!), and a few other bits and bobs that I will be posting about!

Hope you enjoy all my December posts!

Love Alice 

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