Saturday, 6 December 2014


So in the day on Saturday, myself and the girls decided to go visit the Guinness factory. Now, I don't like Guinness, but it was such a good day out. If you are visiting Dublin I would very much recommend spending time out to take a tour around. 

As well as learning about all what goes into making Guinness (which is more interesting than it sounds), there are also a couple of extra bits which make it more fun. You get to learn how to properly 'taste' guinness, you go into a really white room to heighten your senses, then they go through how you need to take a proper gulp to taste the guinness correctly! Also you get a free pint of guinness with your ticket, and you are able to pull your own pint. This was also really quite technical, but really fun, and as you can see I was really happy about getting a certificate!!

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