Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Crop Top - New Look (bought from ASOS)
Trousers - ASOS
Heels - Primark (old)
Clutch - ASOS
So I have never been to a 'dinner party' before so what do you wear? After chatting to my girls a lot of them were going to wear the midi style dress, which I absolutely love, but it just doesn't fit well on me, so I went for these high wasted trousers, and this really lovely crop top. I am so glad these pieces fitted as it was a last minute ASOS shop a couple of days before! The shoes are old, but I knew I would never wear them on a night out, so a night sitting down would be a perfect time to wear them!! haha. 

Eyeshadow - MAC Antiqued, MAC Handwritten
Lips - MAC Rubywoo
I can't remember the hair tongs name, but a big barrelled curling tong will do the trick!
I am so lucky to have my sisters to do my hair and my makeup for me! The hair style I wanted to go for was 50's style waves.. they didn't turn out completely as hoped, but the side parting, and waves towards my face did the trick! I know this picture of my makeup is terrible, but I thought I would add one in anyway. The eyeshadow was gorgeous and completely different colour to what I'm used to wearing for a nightout. The Antiqued colour is a copper bronze kind of colour, this was used with Handwritten (also from MAC), which was used in the outer corners, and is a matte brown. 

The night was amazing! It was to celebrate one of my best friends 21st (Otis, 3rd picture down). It was really nice to do something other than a night out with all of my closest friends.  His mum did all the cooking, (A THREE COURSE DINNER!!) which was extremely tasty! Everyone made such an effort; the girls looked gorgeous and the boys looked extremely dapper, and was just an absolutely delightful evening!

I really need to start planning my 21st, I just have no ideas, and not sure I can top this one!

Love Alice 

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