Friday, 7 November 2014


Everyone is obsessed with Kylie Jenner ATM, and I am most definitely one of the obsessed!  There have been lots of tutorials about using different lip colours to get you the Kylie Jenner inspired lip, but I have taken note from pixiwoo (ultimate makeup artists) and bought these two products; I got these recommendations from the tutorial linked here

The lip pencil is a dark nude, and the lipstick a lighter nude. I apply the lip pencil all over my lip, then the lipstick on top, but leaving a clearer outline of the lip pencil on show. I think the combination of the lip pencil underneath the lipstick makes it stay on sooooo well! The other night I went out for dinner, then drinks and it stayed on close to perfect!! 

The picture doesn't really do the lip justice. You know when you take loads of selfies trying to show your lipstick, and none work? Well this was the best out of the bunch, the serious ones were just NOT happening! But I am non-stop wearing this lip currently so better pictures in upcoming posts will show it better!! 

I'd love to here any recommendations on getting the Kylie Jenner lip?!
Alice x

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