Friday, 14 October 2011

Outfit Of My Week

Last Friday I went out for a curry with all the girls. It was for one of my good friend's 18th, I am actually quite jealous! but just thought I would share what I wore :), mainly because I haven't even done a proper blog post yet. I always seem to have an idea for a post, but I never have time to do one :( Anyhow, this is what I wore..

So just to say what I wore, to be totally honest most is quite old, and most my sisters but who cares!
Right, so I wore a normal black tank top, mines from warehouse, the blouse is from topshop, I'm wearing normal leggings, and my cute little boots are from new look.My sister did my hair in a fish tail plait, which I love and want to be able to do myself. My lipstick was a mixture, it was top shop - ohh la la, but then over the top I put 17-mirror shine bee hive, as it gave it a bit of a gloss.

Hope you enjoyed my short but sweet second blog post :)
Lots of love
Alice x

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