Thursday, 15 December 2011

Clothes show

This has taken me so long to do! I went to the clothes show the day after Rihanna, it was in Birmingham so quite far away! I went with all my sisters. At the beginning of the show there were some beauty awards which took FOREVER to do, but after them the show started..

This is a picture of me on the way there, showing off my nails. They are JML Klass nails. I love them, mainly because I love leopard print a little too much.

This is a picture of me and one of my sisters waiting for the show to start. The theme of the show was 'A night at the department store'.

The actual show was SO good. The fashion was amazing, I would love to go again!! Here's just a few random pics of the catwalk.

Ok so that's only a few pictures out of sooo many! I literally loved the day, and it was lovely spending time with all my sister's. When we were there Lauren Goodger was there but we didn't queue up for a picture so I have some fuzzy shots from afar of her!

Hope you enjoy the post.

Love Alice xx

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