Sunday, 18 December 2011

Glitter Lips

When I was at the Clothes Show so many people were walking around with glittery lips. At first we thought it was lipstick so went to all the makeup stands, but they didn't have a clue! Anyway so we finally found the stand.

The next day I was going to a party so thought I would try them out there.

Firstly I wore heeled chelsea boots from Topshop, leather shorts from River Island, white scallop edge top from Topshop, and the camino from Topshop also. I went for the red glittery lips.

I know this photo above is not the most attractive, I just thought it would be good to see the lips up close. So basically it is literally like one of this children's tattoo/transfer things. You put it on to your lips then wet the paper, and peel it back. It made my lips sooooo dry, so I put vaseline on them, which I probably shouldn't have done as it felt like it was coming off. Next time I will definitely try and leave it without anything on. Overall I think they looked so nice, and pretty cool. i felt myself going up to people just to say 'Do you like my lips?!'. I would definitely try them, as not many people have seen anything like it.

We also got other styles when we were there. The man was so nice he got us free ones as I couldn't get mine put on that day. So here's the others;

There's, spots, leopard prints and other glitter ones. I can't wait to try the leopard ones as I think (if they go on right and everything) they would look really cool.

Lots of love

Alice xxx

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