Friday, 27 November 2015

New Zealand - Stop 6 - Wellington

The weather was still a little crappy so it was a shame we couldn't do our walks and stops along the way to Wellington. When we got there we had a free meal at our hostel (bonus!) and we were doing a bar crawl organised by our hostel that evening. We had such a fun night, one bar had a rodeo bull in that was so funny, and we were all dragged up to have a go. It was even better that we didn't have to get up in the morning to get on the bus, as we were having two nights here. In the morning I skyped my family which was nice to have a proper conversation with them rather than the odd text.

Love a good pout photo in our cowboy hats! 

We made our way into town, and lucky us we were there when the All Blacks were doing their parade after winning the world cup. The atmosphere was really good, and the sun was shining which made it really nice. After that we took a walk around the harbour to Oriental Bay which we spent most of the afternoon sun bathing. On our way back we stopped off and had a quick look around the Te Papa museum, which is free, but we didn't spend too much time there as we were quite tired and wanted to get back to the hostel.

Wellington seemed such a good city, when walking around we were comparing it to London and they just aren't alike. Wellington seemed ultra clean, and didn't have the manic hustle and bustle that London has, but in a good way. I think if we had more time we would could've stayed there an extra night.

We shared a room of 6, and it was a pretty good size. They had separate toilets and showers for girls which was pretty good. They had locker drawers underneath which I thought was an added bonus as if you know me personally you know I'm a bit of a worrier, and leaving my laptop in my bag just doesn't feel safe to me. We paid for the wifi, but it wasn't that good of a connection. We got free food for our first night which was really good too. The kitchen was a bit small for the size of the hostel, but the dining bit was quite big. There was a bar in the basement of the hostel which was handy, and that's where we did our bar crawl from.

Rating – 4/5 

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