Sunday, 15 November 2015

Emotional goodbyes and the start of my adventure

So as the title of the post says I am off on my adventure! Myself and two friends (Holly and Melissa) are off travelling. I thought I would give a brief overview of our trips itinerary and also how I felt leaving my family, friends, and boyfriend for 4 months.

So our trip starts off in New Zealand where we will be spending 3 and a half weeks doing the Kiwi experience bus tour, I think this is going to be a bit intense as people can spend months travelling NZ and we don't even have one month. We then fly to Fiji, where I hope it's going to be super relaxing, but also we are hoping to do a couple of boat trips to other islands, and this is for a week. Next we travel down the East coast of Australia, beginning at Cairns and then finally spending Christmas and New Year in Sydney. From there on it's a bit of a mystery; we fly to Bali, and from there we have 2 months to travel around South East Asia; Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos etc.

I don't think it had really hit me about leaving until a couple of days before I was going. Throughout the whole summer it was like a monthly countdown and then suddenly we were going ( even still now writing this a week into travelling I feel like I'm just on holiday). I had so much stuff to sort out and so many people to say bye to that the week leading up to going was just sooooo busy. On the day of leaving I had a really nice breakfast with my family, had a few final things to pack (and repack, and repack), then the goodbyes started... and so did the tears.

I knew I was going to be a big baby when saying goodbye to everyone, and I was exactly that. Don't get me wrong I wasn't crying because I was sad about leaving and didn't want to go, I just knew how much I was going to miss everyone. I'm going to be doing so many activities I know my time will go quickly, and the fact that I can whatsapp so easily means communication with my family is just so quick and simple.
Anyway I hope you keep returning to my blog to catch up on all of our adventures!!

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