Monday, 23 November 2015

New Zealand – Stop 4 – Taupo

On our way to Taupo we stopped in at Redwood forest for our morning walk which was nice, and at Huka Falls for a little photo opportunity. We had always wanted to do the skydive in Taupo over the lake but throughout the day it didn't seem promising as the weather looked pretty rubbish, so by the time we went to the falls I had completely vanished from my mind the prospect of doing a skydive. Unknown by all of us that the bus picking us up for the skydive was waiting to take us as soon as we got out the bus. I. Freaked. Out. I started thinking do I want to do this? Why am I doing this? Can we go back now?

We got to the skydive place and I was adamant that I would only do the 12,000 ft one, but by the end of the welcoming/introducing process I had signed up to do the 15,000 ft one. What was I thinking? The process of getting ready, taking pictures of us in our stupid hats and suits was really fun, but by the time I got onto the plane I was having an absolute meltdown. We got a package which had pictures and video included so I had a couple of 'interviews' beforehand where I was trying my best to make out like I was absolutely fine. I wasn't.

So in the plane, around 9,000ft up, that was high enough. I asked the guy I was strapped to the height and I just couldn't believe it. We were passing clouds?!? I basically had a breakdown. 10,000 ft up in the air little old me was attempting not to cry at the prospect of freefalling. The guy who I was strapped to was really nice, he was really calming, and talked me through everything which made me feel slightly better. Melissa went first and she literally plopped out the plane. Holy shit, it was then my turn. And I dropped. I was free falling for around a minute, and I have to say it was the best thing ever, although the relief when the parachute went up was pretty nice. The views were so good, and when I got down I thought I could truly do one again. (Although writing this a week later, I will never be doing one again, the fear of falling to my death has begun all over again). I would totally recommend to anyone to do one if they get the chance, I was probably the most scared out of everyone and I seriously loved it. Plus the videos and photos are bloody hilarious, a combination of the funniest and ugliest photos of myself.

Redwood Forest

Huka Falls

We were put in a room of 4, but weren't joined by anyone which was quite nice so it was like a private room. We had an ensuite shower and toilet which was good, and even a little balcony that looked onto the lake a little bit. There was a kettle and coffee making stuff in the room which I thought was a good touch.

Rating - 4/5

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