Monday, 19 January 2015


So one of my Christmas presents was this glorious eye shadow, which I am now obsessed with! It's so beautiful, it's from MAC and it's called Cranberry (buy from here). It's a really lovely berry shade, but has more of a red tone than I thought when I put it on my lids, but it's not red, so I would say a mixture of the two (terrible description, apologies). It's actually really nice to wear some colour on my eyes, and even though it is a bold colour on my eyes I have worn it with every shade of lipstick from nude to a bright red, so it really doesn't change any other makeup I would wear. 

I bought a new makeup brush which felt like it cost the earth (can buy from here) which is a MAC 224 blending brush. Even though it was ridiculously expensive (like £24 or something?!?!), I genuinely think it was worth it! This brush is all I use to apply this makeup, it puts the shadow onto my lids well, and obviously blends well too. 

Have you got any recommendations for my to try new eyeshadow colours? 

Lots of love,

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