Friday, 3 October 2014


I have been using the YSL mascara, but it has been running out so needed another one to replace it. I didn't have enough money to afford that one so I really needed a cheap alternative. I was doing a bit of research on cheaper mascaras and I saw Fleur DeForce did a video of her top 10 under £10, which I found really helpful. After using the mascara for about two weeks I would highly recommend it! The consistency is quite thick, it helps with volume and length, and it is the perfect type of mascara that I like. 

This wasn't something that I was going out to buy, but Rimmel had an offer of buying 2 items for £10 so I thought I would try. I'm not totally sure on this, maybe because I've never really used a proper 'primer', but I will hopefully have more of an opinion when I try it for a little longer. I'm interested to see if using this primer helps the foundation stay on longer, because I haven't used the foundation without this yet.

I have been using a Laura Mercier foundation for about 6-9 months now and I have absolutely loved it. It is pretty full coverage, and that is just what I wanted, so when I started running out I knew it was going to be quite difficult to find something I love just as much. Another one of Fleur's videos is her top 10 foundations under £10, which, once again, I felt was very informative and so I went for this one! I like medium to full coverage (or as close to), and this was the one I chose. I have quite liked it so far as an everyday foundation (I am keeping the last bit of my Laura Mercier one for my nights out). The staying power isn't too bad, not as long as I am used to but it is so cheap that I think it's totally worth it. 

Link to Fleurs channel here if you want to watch the video's. The foundation one was most recent, but I think she's done bronzers, skincare etcetc. 

Any recommendations for 'high street' makeup? I'm now back at University and my budget is tight!


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