Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bikinis for BIG BOOBS!

Hello there! 

As summer has arrived, and my holiday is getting closer and closer the mammoth task of finding a bikini that will fit (nicely) onto my big boobs has begun. In about the last 4 years I have put on weight everywhere, but also gone up 3/4 bra cup sizes. 

I have started to find bikinis for anyone and everyone just aren't flattering for my size. I's love to be able to go into H&M and buy their bikinis (I have looked and there are some lovely ones), but I just can't really do it anymore. 

Quite a lot of big department stores like Debenhams and John Lewis, will have a section for 'fuller bust' (DD+), but I haven't seen ones with patterns that I overly like. I decided I would try ASOS; firstly because I, as most people know, love ASOS, and secondly because I know there would be such a wide variety that I would be able to buy loads and pick my top. 

The two bikinis that are pictured below are both from ASOS, but one is a Freya bikini. I know Freya is extremely pricey, but both bras and bikinis just fit really nicely. I love the high waisted bottoms I have for both, as my tummy is my problem area. 

Anyone have any advise for finding bigger sizes of bikinis, I'm desperate for a bandeau style one?


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