Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ascot 2014

So yesterday I went to Ascot! I went two years ago, and me and my friends decided to go again. It is quite an expensive day, but I do think it is worth it, for one day a year! The weather was lovely (even maybe a little too hot, but I don't want to complain)! 

I stole a free dress from my sister's wardrobe, as I am running low on money! haha. I did buy new shoes though, which I love. They did absolutely kill my feet, not because of the height, but because they were just new, so should off worn them a little bit beforehand. 

I was so proud of my makeup! I used a youtube tutorial (which I will link here), and used the Urban Decay Naked Palette

Fascinator - Debenhams
Dress - Mango
Bag - Zara

Me, Anna and Alex 

My makeup (ignore that irritating piece of white fluff on my eye!)


What have you been up to in this lovely weather?


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