Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year, New me?

Hey there, New year, but just same old me!

Sorry this post is so late going up! This is just a little outfit post on what I wore for New Years! I went to a small party at a friends house, so it wasn't too dressy, although for New Year you always want to look nice! I decided to go for my leather midi skirt, which has been in previous outfits, and a crop top and heeled boots. Sorry for the horrific quality of the picture!

Crop top - ASOS (now in sale)
Leather skirt - Topshop 

The boots that are linked aren't the same, but are extremely similar, and the only difference is the bottom of the boot. The other day I had to return them because they were faulty but didn't have any in stock, so if you know any similar boots please let me know!?

I wore my hair in a pony tail, and then in a fish tail plait, which I think looked quite cool! My make up is used with copperplate, and embark MAC eyeshadows. My lipstick is 'All Fired Up' by MAC also.

I hope you have a wonderful 2014!
My resolutions include, to become more healthy (as everyones always is), and to lose weight, also beauty/blog wise, to try and get this blog going properly! Also to clean my makeup brushes on a more regular basis (always a horrible job). What are your resolutions? 

Lots of love,

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