Sunday, 19 January 2014

Making money at the casino

So the other week I went for a night out to the casino. It was a kind-of farewell with all my friends before we went back to Uni. I literally love the casino! Before I went I was always against how addicting it is etc, but now I just can't get enough! haha. It is a really good alternative to a nightout, because you don't have to drink, and everyone has a good time.

People in the casino wear all sorts! Me and my friends were so undecided about how casual we can go, but there's literally people wearing anything. I went for a smart/casual combo, with new patterned trousers, and a plain cami.

Since Christmas I seem to have acquired a taste for printed trousers, as I got some tartan ones in the Topshop Sale, but I'm still undecided about how to style them!

Anyway back to the casino! Here is just a few pics of what I wore!

Shoes - Primark (Old)
Top - ASOS
Cardigan - River Island
Necklace - Claire's Accs

Lots of love 

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