Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New lipsticks!

Hey everyone! The other week Debenhams had a mega event, and it's really good for makeup as they normally have 10% off most of it. I also knew I had £20 on my beauty card. I went in to try and find a lipstick which I could wear in the day, but also at night if I didn't want to go for a red (which I normally wear ALL the time). 

I asked the assistant on Chanel what she thought and she tried the colour on my lips and I really liked it. She also put a balm on before which I really liked so I bought that too! Overall they were about £18 each I believe, and with £20 on my beauty card I didn't spend too much! 

The lip moisturising one that she first put on wasn't what I thought I was going to buy, but when she put it on it felt really nice and it doesn't make the lips sticky like vaseline or other lips stuff too. This is called:

Rouge Coco Balme

This is the lipstick version of it, but there's like an actual moisturiser too. I put it on before the other lipstick so my lips aren't so dry. I really think it helps make the looks glossy without making them sticky like you are wearing lipgloss.

What I actually went in for was this kind of pinky colour! It's called:

Rouge Allure 91 Seduisante

I love the colour! It is SO good for the day. It's not so bright that it looks un-natural. I think it looks really nice, and with a pinky blusher it looks cute. Plus the lipstick tube is amazing!

Me wearing the lipstick, Instagram: missalicelayzell

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love

Alice xxxx


  1. Wow, love the look of the pink lipstick - it looks great on you! And I'm really interested by the balm as well... better start saving! :)
    Great post! Do you want to follow each other?

  2. this is lovely :) reminds me of the colour Kim kardashian often wears :) xx