Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Clarisonic - 3 month review

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be my 3 month review on the product Clarisonic! Most of you have probably heard of it, it is most commonly explained as "the toothbrush for your face". The one that I have is called the Clarisonic Mia, which is the cheaper version but is still £120! The difference to the normal one is that it has one setting, but from what I know the only other setting on the more expensive one is slower, so normally you wouldn't use that setting anyway. Here is what it looks like: 

What does it do? Basically you use it with a cleanser and it gets out all the impurities and dirt which is in your pores. It gets rid of 6X more makeup than using a cleanser with a cottonwool pad would. 

The reason I wanted one is because I was having really bad issues with spots, breakouts etc. When researching things to help it this was probably one of the most expensive ways to help it but can also be really effective. Sometimes it takes up to 6 months for people to notice results on reduction of spots. I have found it has done wonders!

I use the Clarisonic once a day after I have taken my makeup off. I feel it leaves my skin soft, and by looking at the brush head once I've finished cleansing you can see how much dirt is left on your face! The cleanser I use with it is the 'Purifying Cleansing Wash - Super Facialist - Una Brennan'. This is the only other cleanser I've used other than the one which comes with it. I have found the cleanser easy to use and it was only £8 for the bottle. 

Overall I think this product has really helped me with my skin issues. At a price of £120 I can see why some people might be put off, but, for me, I have found it to be worth it, and it would be especially worth it if bad skin is a real issue for you. I've only had the product 3 months, so hoping that my skin does keep improving as I still get spots. I really believe for it to work you have to make sure you're using it once daily for at least the first 6 months, and I will do another review to see if there's any progress. 

Thanks for reading,

Love Alice


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  2. Lovely post, very informative. I'm very intrigued by the clarisonic, I've heard lots of good things about it, maybe I'll give it a try soon :)