Monday, 25 February 2013

London for the boy's birthday - Day 2

So this is going to be the next day of our trip to London. This was just me and my boyfriend going around London as we didn't have anything planned.  This was what I wore...

From top to bottom:
Hat - ASOS 
Top - ASOS (says HATE on back)
Leggings - American Apparel 
All the other items are same as previous day.

So to start off with we went to Hyde park and we tried out the bikes which are all dotted around London. It took us AGES to understand how we got them off the stand! It was actually really fun, and I'd really recommend getting them if your just walking around. We had them out for about an hour and rode around Hyde park and the park next to it. 
Next we walked to Buckingham Palace which we just wanted to go see! I love the royal family so it was really good to see where William and Kate kissed, and it's crazy to think the whole area being rammed when the jubilee and wedding was on. 

We then went to have some lunch in Covent Garden. We had already been told to go try the mexican called 'Wahaca' it specialises in mexican street food, so it's kind of made mexican tapas. All the dishes were soooo good! Some were quite spicy but they didn't blow your head off or anything! It was such a nice place to eat, so if your going to covent garden I would try here!

Our lunch at Wahaca
Opposite Wahaca there is this bakery which we decided that we HAD to go in, I believe it was called BB's. We got one victoria sponge cake, and a banoffee pie slice. These were so nice too! So save yourself for pudding and go there!

We then just walked up to Leicester square and onto Piccadilly circus. From there we went home. 
This time in London it was so nice! It was nice not having planned to do anything and just 'going with the flow'. Everything I did I enjoyed so definitely try and do some similar things if you can do.

Thanks for reading this part 2 of my trip!

Lots of love Alice 


  1. I absolutley love your outfit!
    Especially your hat and top<3
    Hope you had a nice time, i love London!

    Lots of love Grace xxx

  2. You Look gorgeous, lunch looks delicious!
    Great blog, I am now following!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of Forever.