Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New Zealand – Stop 9 – Lake Mahinipua

We had a couple of stops on our way to Lake Mahinipua, and first was a trek around Cape Fouwind. This was a coastal walk that was pretty long but it was really nice. We got to see our first interesting animal – seals! We then stopped at pancake rocks, which is a landform that I should know lots about as my degree is geography, but it's basically layered rocks.

Tonight we had a party with our coach and the theme was anything beginning with P. Us three, being the most inventive people in the world (hint of sarcasm there), went as princesses, so we stopped off to get our costume in Greymouth. When we got to Lake Mahinipua, we thought we had been in some remote places, but this hostel was literally along a long road, by itself, with nothing surrounding it, it did have its own bar . The lake was on one side of it, and the beach was on the other. To begin with we went down to the lake and sat on the jetty just chilling for a bit, it was nice to talk to some new people about their travels.

Before our party the accommodation included dinner and breakfast, and roast pork was on the menu. It was delicious!! Really nice not to cook, but I could've eaten about 10 portions! We then went to watch the sunset on the beach, which was cute. The party was good, everyone was so original, my personal favourites were pea on a fork, plastic bag and pensioners. Our breakfast the next day consisted on pancakes, bacon and syrup, sooooo good!! We were literally loading up our plates!

ACCOMMODATION – Lake Manhinapua Hotel - $50 including dinner and breakfast
This is quite a difficult one to compare because it was just a really odd place. The rooms were fine, although ours didn't have any plugs?! But we used next doors as nobody was in there. The accommodation seemed to be within temporary buildings, but were permanently there. You had to go outside to go to the toilet and shower. I don't think paying the extra $20 for food was bad, as both meals were a good size and delicious, but paying $30 for the room was probably a bit expensive in comparison to other hostels. I think this hostel is associated with Kiwi experience as I can't see individuals stopping here.
Rating- 3/5

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