Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Zealand – Stop 8 – Westport

On our way to Westport we stopped at the most postcard-esque idyllic place so far. It was at Lake Rotoiti in Nelson National Park. We all had pictures with the mountains behind on the jetty. I had every intention of jumping into the lake, but 1 it was pretty cold, and 2 the lake consisted of what looked like man-sized eels (probably a little dramatic but hey ho), so we decided against it.

In Westport you could do surf lessons and paddle boarding, which is something I probably would've done if I had an unlimited budget, and I know we can do that stuff in Australia. Westport itself, like a lot of the places was pretty small. We spent the night drinking wine in our room (classy) and went to bed.

ACCOMMODATION – Bazils Hostel - $31
The room of ours was pretty nice,and it included a little kitchenette. The kitchen was small, but we managed, and it did include an oven. There was an outside eating area bit which was pretty cute too. We got free wifi, which wasn't too bad. Despite the hostel being relatively nice, I won't come running back due to Westport itself being rather dead. 
Rating - 4/5

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