Sunday, 9 March 2014


This is possibly the easiest hairstyle there is. When I first started wearing these a few years ago I used to go through about a million clips to get my hair into it, only recently have I found the easiest way to put your hair into one of these doughnuts. I watched a video by missglamorazzi (linked here), which shows how to do it in video form (probably easier than to understand my description). 

You just need one of the hair doughnuts and probably a few grips to neaten it up. Firstly put your hair into a high ponytail, and tie with a hairband. Put the doughnut around the ponytail, but leave it at the top. Spread the hair so it is covering the whole doughnut. Roll the hair around the doughnut, by tucking the hair underneath it, and twisting the doughnut. Then hairspray and neaten with grips. 

I seem to wear my hair up constantly, but in a boring twist bun thing! So I will need to do these hairstyles more. I actually need to start learning how to french plait and fishtail first! 

What are you most worn hairstyles?


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