Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Zealand – Stop 15 – Kaikoura

So as mentioned previously we decided we would drive to Kaikoura, and then back again the next day, before our flight. We got into our hire car and found out it was an automatic. Now you might think an automatic is meant to be easier than a manual, but after having driven only a manual since I was 17 it was a shaky start. The drive there was pretty simple, but the drive anywhere in NZ seems to be simple, as there is basically noone on the road!

Unfortunately when we got there the weather wasn't good enough for whale watching, and all of the trips were cancelled. Instead we drove upto the peninsula where there were loads of seals and had a windy walk up to the top. We weren't aloud to get too close to the seals, as we were reminded that they were visious animals, but I did get to have a selfie with one (kind of).

The next morning it was good enough weather to do dolphin swimming in the morning at 5.30am! We were told this was the best time to go as the dolphins would be coming back from going out of the bay area to feed. We were kitted up with wet suits, mask, snorkel, and flippers. It took us quite a while to find them, but when we did the whole experience was amazing. We went to 4 different places, and I think in the last place the pod may have been about 20-50 dolphins. In the second dive my gopro was full of water, but I did get a few videos before it broke. (since then I put in in rice for 2 days and it works now, horay!). The dolphins came up so close, close enough to touch if we wanted to but we were told not to. It felt like they were really looking at you in the eye. I would definitely say do it if you get a chance!

After the dolphin swimming we were in a massive rush to go back to Christchurch to get our flight up to Auckland. Holly drove, and nearly killed us at one point as she forgot the car was automatic and put her left foot on the break like it was the clutch, so we came to a dramatic stop! A story that I definitely won't forget in a while!!

Kaikoura is a definite must to do in NZ, I just wish we could've done some whale watching as I think that would have really been amazing.

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